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“Graham Lynch has captured ideas and impressions that spark the imagination… I can’t recommend these pieces highly enough, and look forward to hearing my own pupils playing them”
Piano Professional Magazine

The idea behind the Sound Sketches series was to create pieces that capture images and ideas and present them musically, in a way that is very accessible and easy to grasp right from the start. Each piece has its own individual character, atmosphere and sound world. And each volume gives players the opportunity to engage with the full expressive range of the piano. The music will appeal to children, but it is also ideal for adult pupils.

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Sound Sketches – Volume 1

The first volume contains a mix of highly enjoyable pieces.

Starting with the mysterious Secret Prelude, it continues with works such as the lively Rollerblading and Rushing Dog as well as more magical pieces like Forest Sauvage and Dream Horse.

Those who enjoy a bit of risk could also try Dangerous Mountain Ascent!

This collection also includes a Parisian waltz, a peaceful cat, a terrifying dragon, as well as journeys by boat and bicycle, amongst many other things.

Sound Sketches – Volume 2

The second volume contains nineteen pieces that are a little more challanging than those of volume 1.

Opening with the lively Sailing at Dawn, the set continues with pieces such as the mysterious Garden with Midnight Owl, and the exhilarating Gallop.

There’s a lot of fun and brisk movement for the fingers with Shrovetide Fair and A Pirate of Penzance, and this is balanced by reflective works like Air of Solitude and Masks.

The volume concludes with Waiting for the Last Train, by way of some jazz, tango, and choro, as well as a ballerina and a group of buskers.

Sound Sketches – Volume 3

Volume 3 contains seventeen pieces that span a whole range of moods and atmospheres.

The delicate Moon Rising opens the set and it’s followed by pieces such as Kitesurfing and Marin which allow students to create some exciting sounds on the piano and to really dazzle.

There are also works of a more melancholy and lyrical character, such as Goodbye Ullapool, the beautiful Lago di Como , and the gently flowing In Green Park.

And the intense drama of Storm Scene with Mountains shows off the power of the piano to great effect.

Amongst the rest of the collection are evocations of an ancient Greek temple and an unsettling nocturnal journey on the canals of Venice, as well as rides on the London Eye and in a hot air balloon.