A number of teachers have started sending me videos that they have made with their pupils, and many of them are now available on Youtube. I’m starting to collect some of them here.

Musica Amata Academy , UK. These are recorded performances that have gorgeous images adding to the music. The two videos are selections from volumes 1 and 3.

Volume 1 selections performed by Luca Taranu, Anna Whitehead, Isabelle MacCready, Tom MacKenney and Antonina Lax.
1. Secret Prelude
2. Lighthouse
3. Paris – Valse
4. Cycle Ride
5. Sleeping Cat
6. North West of Invernes
7. Rushing Dog
8. On the Silk Road
9. Calm
10. First Melody
11. Clouds
12. My Lonely Guitar
13. Air and Dance
14. Canal Boat
15. Dream Horse

Volume 3 selections performed by Isabelle MacCready, Eve Welch and Antonina Lax.
1. Moon Rising
2. In the Gardens of the Villa
3. Cafe Music
4. Kitesurfing
5. Delphi
6. Marin
7. Lago di Como
8. In Green Park

These next six videos come from US based piano teacher and performer Thomas Sebastian Mueller

Here are a couple of videos from the SE22 Piano School in London;